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" A Campus of Resources, Promoting Gods Love, Excellence and Encouragement; Advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, One Life at a Time"



Senior Pastor

Reverend Dr. Dennis R. Williams

Executive Coordinator for Ministry Operations

Reverend Lisa Brown-Oates

Ministerial Team

Minister Johnny Burris
Reverend Barney Clay
Minister Donna Clay
Reverend Anna Perryman
Reverend Nikki Sawyer
Reverend Johnny Sibley
Reverend Sharon Jones

Minister of Music

Brother Johnny Anderson


E. Jerome Greene, Sr., Chairperson                

Anthony Jett, Vice Chairperson (Sabbatical)

Anthony Brown
Wilch Caldwell, Jr.   
Terry Evans
Albert Evans, Sr.
Willie Kilgo
Jerome McCain 

Darry Nance                                                                 Donald Nance
Willie Porter                                                       
Lawrence Simpson
Ronald Way                                      
James Wortham   


Pearl Wortham, Chairperson

Sheila Simpson, Vice. Chairperson

Gail Blackmon
Keisha Brown
Lorine Evans
Melody Greene         
Beverly McCain     

Katie Moore
Geraldine Nance                                 
Mary Porter
Cynthia Sibley
Wendy Way
Delores Wilson

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